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Author / Mentor: LISA SARASOHN
~ Awakening Your Sacred Center ~
The Woman's Belly Book

Lisa Sarasohn

Lisa Sarasohn is a yoga teacher, health educator, and yoga therapist with more than 20 years' experience inspiring women to love our bellies, our bodies, and ourselves.

She's presented Honoring Your Belly workshops at learning centers and conferences including Omega Institute and the Sufi School of Healing.

Her articles and essays have appeared in Yoga Journal, SageWoman, Radiance, and Personal Transformation.


This and more is the treasure you'll find as you lose the shame, love your belly, and discover your body's center as the site of your soul-power.

The Woman's Belly Book is a guide to activating the source energy concentrated in your body's core. With the experience of 12 gentle breathing exercises, 7 invigorating yoga moves, and 15 playful ways to befriend your belly you'll know the satisfaction of coming home to yourself.

From the Introduction:

At this moment, I imagine you're wondering: Is this book for me? Will it make a difference in my life?

Lisa Sarasohn - The Woman's Belly Book - Honoring Your Belly - Wise Woman AuthorHere's what I can tell you:

This book is about valuing your body and yourself. It's about knowing your body's center—your belly—as the site of your soul-power, the wellspring of your physical, emotional, and spiritual vitality.

My message is this: The life energy focused in your belly is the source of your passion and creativity. Your courage and confidence. Your capacity to love fully. Your intuition, insight, and sense of purpose. It is your release from stress, your guide to good health. It is the origin of your inner strength.

What I'm saying is: You can develop the source energy concentrated in your body's center. You can direct its expression to enhance every dimension of your life. This book is a guide for doing exactly that.

But still, is this book for you?

This book is for you if:

  • You've dieted to "trim your tummy." Now you want to get a better take on what your belly is all about.
  • You've had enough of feeling bad about your body. You realize your belly will never be board-flat. You're ready to feel good about yourself as a whole.
  • You suspect that if you could make peace with your belly, you could tap into a wealth of creativity, wisdom, and guidance.
  • You want to take charge of your sexual energy and fully own your pro-creative power.
  • You've had a hysterectomy or given birth by C-section and still feel torn up. You want to feel whole again.
  • You're passing through menopause and want to access the core energy that's becoming all the more available to you at this stage of your life.
  • You already enjoy yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, African dance, or Middle Eastern dance and want to experience another approach to body-centered movement.
  • You're seeking an invigorating, power-centering exercise program you can easily do in five minutes.
  • You're seeking a body-centered path to personal and spiritual empowerment.

This book may be for you—in conjunction with appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic attention—if you've struggled with an eating disorder, experienced abdominal pain or illness, or survived assault focused on your belly. Please consult with your health care provider to determine whether and how this book can be of service to you.

This book is for you and your daughter, for you and your mother, as a foundation for sharing the experience of your womanhood and fostering respect across the generations.

This book is for you and your friends as a basis for supporting each other as you find your own ways to value your belly, your body, and yourself.

In these times, it takes guts—courage, determination, and daring—to consider honoring your belly and the soul-power it contains. And so I welcome you, a gutsy woman, to The Woman's Belly Book.

MOON DAYS by Cassie Preemo Steelethe Woman's Belly Book
Woman's Belly Book:

Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure

by Lisa Sarasohn

~~ Your body's center, your belly, is home to your core life force. It's the site of your soul power, the source of your passion and creativity, your intuition and sense of purpose, your courage and confidence. The Woman's Belly Book presents inspiring information, playful activities, and power-centering exercises to kindle the life energy concentrated in your body's core. Are you ready? Honor your belly and activate your Source Energy.


Retails for $15.95

"This warm and friendly book is filled with womb wisdom, belly laughs, gut feelings, and pelvic power. It is--as subtitled--a guide to buried treasure. I recommend it highly." --Susun Weed


EXCERPTS from The Woman's Belly Book

Honoring Your Belly shares what Lisa has learned in the process of healing beyond an eating disorder. She calls herself Belly Queen not only because she gained and lost more than 2,000 pounds during her twenty years of dieting and bingeing. More to the point, she says: "I call myself Belly Queen because these are words for a woman who owns herself."

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Honoring Your Belly DVD Video
Honoring Your Belly DVD Video
- Details 
This 35-minute DVD video teaches you a dynamic sequence of belly-energizing yoga moves that develop and direct the Source Energy concentrated in your body's center. In circle, four women demonstrate the 12-minute sequence of 23 power-centering moves as a rite for reconsecrating our womanhood. Instruction in each of the moves follows, complete with easy preparations and alternate forms. Ancient icons show how each gesture animates a symbol of the Sacred Feminine. Once you're familiar with the individual moves, you're ready to join the circle of women--on the tape and throughout the world!--who are practicing this ritual of self-affirmation and spiritual empowerment. Your instructor, Lisa Sarasohn, is a certified advanced Kripalu Yoga teacher and yoga therapist with more than twenty years' experience teaching therapeutic movement and facilitating mind-body integration. Note: The program is continuous; it does not include navigation.

Price: $29.95


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Lisa Sarasohn is now a Mentor at Wise Woman University

Initiation 2012: Awakening Your Sacred Center, Part I

Initiation 2012: Awakening Your Sacred Center, Part I
Mentor: Lisa Sarasohn

The year 2012 heralds a revolution in human consciousness. The signs suggest that the Sacred Feminine will be informing, and reorganizing, every aspect of human experience. As we embody the Sacred Feminine, we'll be equipped to participate in — and shape — this evolution of human awareness with wisdom and grace.

This course is the first part of an ongoing process through which you embody the Sacred Feminine by energizing your body's center with breath, image, story, and movement. As a first step, this course focuses on befriending your body's center and learning yoga-based movement and breathing exercises that will form the core of your practice. (Even if developing a movement practice isn't for you at this time, you'll still find a process that engages and rewards your participation.)

Our first lesson brings ancient prophecy together with astronomy and sacred geometry — including Joseph Campbell's writing on "the mystery number of the Goddess" — to explore the connection between the year 2012 and the emergence of the Sacred Feminine. You begin developing a practice for embodying the Sacred Feminine by honoring and energizing your body's center.

Each lesson blends experiential learning through reflection and creative expression with instruction in movement and breath. Every lesson guides you to work with words and images to develop an ever more intimate knowledge of and appreciation for your body's center as the source of your soul-power and the sourcepoint of the Sacred Feminine. At the same time, the lessons provide opportunities to investigate the ways that society and culture have shaped your experience of your body's center.

In the first lesson, you'll play with word-webbing to explore your experience. Activities in the following lessons include "Draw Out Your Deepest Knowing," "Honor Your Biography," and "Dialogue with Your Inner Wisdom."

Lesson 1 also shows you how to deepen your breath into your body's center with the Centering Breath. You learn the Side Stretches and Diagonal Stretches to limber your spine and prepare your whole body for movement.

By the end of four weeks you'll have learned The Gutsy Women's Workout as presented in The Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure. You'll have learned a total of two breathing patterns and ten moves, adding Cradle, Energizing Breath, and Bright Blessings (Lesson 2); Belly Bowl, Power Centering, and Lily (Lesson 3); and Wings, Tree, and Alignment (Lesson 4). You'll have developed a spiritually potent practice that enhances your vitality, pleasure, confidence, compassion, creativity, intuition, and sense of purpose — qualities of the Sacred Feminine indeed.

The Gutsy Women's Workout is the short form of the longer Honoring Your Belly ritual presented on the Honoring Your Belly DVD. Sequels to this workshop will provide instruction in additional moves, preparing you to practice the ritual as a whole. They will also offer you ways to expand your practice into new dimensions of insight, creativity, and purposeful action.
Course goals:
1. Develop awareness of and appreciation for your body's center.
2. Explore your experience of your body's center in relation to the Sacred Feminine.
3. Learn two breathing patterns and ten yoga-based moves that honor and energize your body's center.

Lisa's book and DVD are required resources for this course: see below.

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