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Sherry Healy
Intuitive healer, artist and author


Sherry Healy is a lecturer, workshop leader and expressionist painter. Her art work is highly coveted and known for its beauty and healing qualities. She holds a BA in theology/philosophy and is a well known intuitive, artist and author working from the town of Annapolis, Maryland. sherry is a resident artist with Head Start children and is trained and has worked with the public school system as a one-on-one reading instructor and resident artist.

Dedicated to using intuition as a means to spiritually heal others, Ms. Healy is the author of Living Your Intuitive Dreams: A Self-Discovery Workbook , a book designed to help individuals create the life of their dreams through the use of intuition.






Living Your Intuitive DreamsLiving Your Intuitive Dreams by Sherry Healy

Living Your Intuitive Dreams is a self-help manuscript created by modern intuitionist, sHEALy. Living Your Intuitive Dreams  helps you creat the life of your dreams. Dream of prosperity, good health, love, companionship, fun and adventure. You can have all of these things when you work through the exercises and record in the three journals available in this manuscript. Living Your Intuitive Dreams is filled with spirit guides, angels, magical incantations and best of all; instructions on how to perform a psychic reading for yourself and others.




Wise Woman University Course mentored by Sherry Healy

Intuitive Development

You will learn what intuition really is and what it is not, how to be more intuitive by aligning with your natural abilities, how to perform an intuitive reading and how to continue your intuitive development. This class is taught from a spiritually organic point of view-thus is not a class for the students who wants to be "told" why and who they are in this life. You will be given lessons and readings that promote spiritual growth that leads to the desire to be more intuitive and the ability to be more intuitive.

Four-week mentorship $49.95

Shealy says...."She who looks outside of self will never find what she seeks-but when she looks within there she will find the entire Universe is waiting there. Die to self and you will be born."

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