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Author/Mentor: SUSUN WEED
Wise Woman author, herbalist, spirit healer, teacher

Susun Weed Wise Woman, HerbalistSusun S. Weed is the voice of the Wise Woman tradition, where healing is nourishing. She is known internationally as an extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, a powerful presence, and an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health. For more than thirty years she has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations, restoring herbs as women's common medicine, and empowering women to care for themselves.

Susun is founder of the Wise Woman Center, editor-in-chief of Ash Tree Publishing, a high priestess of Dianic Wicca, a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, a Peace Elder, and happy herder of her dairy goats.

Her four books: Healing Wise; New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way; Breast Cancer? Breast Health! the Wise Woman Way; Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year; and Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way are used by more than a million women throughout the world. She writes a regular herbal column for SageWoman Magazine and hosts the Wise Woman website and forum at created by her amazing daughter Justine.

Susun continues to train apprentices, initiate green witches, work with her correspondence course students, and write books.

Work-Learn Days with Susun Weed
Join us for 3-4 hours of work followed by a light lunch, and a short herbal class.

At-Home Days with Susun Weed
Like my one-day workshops but less formal and more active.

Your Day with Susun Weed
Any day, any time. Five hours, up to five people.

Correspondence Courses
Study herbal medicine in the comfort of your home.

Women's Intensives
Green Witch Intensive.

Green Goddess Apprentice Week
Serious apprenticeship, not a workshop.

Apprenticeship with Susun Weed
Stay for one day, two weeks, six months!

Susun Weed's Travel Schedule
Study with Susun in your hometown!

Audio CD programs
~ Elements of Herbalism: Harvesting - 2 CD set
~ Elements of Herbalism: Dosage - 3 CD set
~ My Ally Motherwort - 2 CD set
~ Triple Goddess Herbs - 1 CD
~ The Cervix: Gateway to Life - 1 CD
~ Healthy Bones The Wise Women Way - 2 CD set
~ My Herbal Medicine Chest - 3 CD set
~ Herbal Mouth Care The Wise Women Way - 2 CD set
~ Magical Plants INTENSIVE - 3 CD set
~ Chronic Problems the Wise Woman Way - 2 CD set

Digital Downloads
Phytoestrogens: Friends or Foes? - MP3
Using Herbs Simply and Safely - MP3
Weeds in Your Garden? Bite Back - MP3
Focus on Fertility - MP3
Seven Medicines - MP3
Amazing Artemisias - MP3
From Baba Yaga's Bag - MP3
Menopause, Phytoestrogens and Breast Health - MP3
The Spirit of Simples
Nutritive and Tonic Herbs - MP3
Menopause Can Change Your Life - MP3
Shamanic Trance to Nourish the Senses - MP3
Four Fabulous Plant Families - MP3
Women, Witches, and Weeds - MP3
Nourishing Herbal Infusions and Mineral-Rich Vinegars - MP3
Moon Lodge - MP3
Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition - MP3
Herbs for Injuries - MP3
Herbal Antibiotics - MP3
Your Healthy Prostate - MP3
Natural Rearing - MP3
Tree Talk: The Healing Medicine of Trees - MP3
Herbal Intensive: Sexy Weeds - MP3

New Menopausal Year the Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed

New Menopausal Year the Wise Woman Way
Author: Susun S. Weed. The best book on menopause is now better. Completely revised with 100 new pages. All the remedies women know and trust plus hundreds of new ones. New sections on thyroid health, fibromyalgia, hairy problems, male menopause, and herbs for women taking hormones. Recommended by Susan Love MD and Christiane Northrup MD. Introduction by Juliette de Bairacli Levy. 304 pages, index, illustrations.

Yours for $16.95 plus shipping

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year by Susun Weed

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year
Author: Susun S. Weed. Simple, safe remedies for pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and newborns. Includes herbs for fertility and birth control. Foreword by Jeannine Parvati Baker. 196 pages, index, illustrations.

Yours for $11.95 plus shipping

Healing Wise by Susun Weed

Healing Wise
Author: Susun S. Weed. Superb herbal in the feminine-intuitive mode. Complete instructions for using common plants for food, beauty, medicine, and longevity. Introduction by Jean Houston. 312 pages, index, illustrations.

Yours for $17.95 plus shipping

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! the Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! the Wise Woman Way
Author: Susun S. Weed. Foods, exercises, and attitudes to keep your breasts healthy. Supportive complimentary medicines to ease side-effects of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or tamoxifen. Foreword by Christiane Northrup, M.D. 380 pages, index, illustrations.

Yours for $21.95 plus shipping

Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way
Author: Susun S. Weed. Simple, successful, strategies cover the entire range of options -- from mainstream to radical -- to help you choose the best, and the safest, ways to optimize sexual and reproductive health. Foreword: Aviva Romm, MD, midwife, 484 pages, Index, illustrations.

Yours for $29.95


Its Time - Goddess Chants CD
Susun Weed's "It's Time"
Wise Woman Center 25th Anniversary Celebration CD
featuring SUSUN WEED & other women artists with 18 Wise Woman songs and chants
visit to hear these songs, read lyrics, learn about the artists.

Price: $15.00



Wise Woman University Courses
mentored by Susun Weed

~Your Healthy Cervix~
(description of online course with mentor Susun Weed )

Learn how to maintain and regain a healthy cervix; prevent and treat cervical problems including cervicitis, cervical erosion, cervical eversion, genital warts (HPV), cervical dysplasia, and cervical cancer; what to do about your Pap smear results.

This course will familiarize you with your cervix. It will help you prevent or treat any problems that may arise there. You will learn how to use with complementary, integrative medicines, the Wise Woman Way, with confidence. This course includes all modalities of health care – such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, drugs, surgery, energy medicine, lifestyle changes, diet and exercise. It is suitable for those primarily concerned with self-care as well as for those interested in helping others.

If you are one of the several million women a year who are told there might be a problem – or there is a problem – with your cervix, this course will help you decide what to do to regain or maintain health. If you are a woman who helps other women stay healthy and return to health, this course will familiarize you with a variety of complementary, integrative health care options for cervical problems. If you are a woman interested in staying healthy, this course is for you.

If you are interested in alternative medicines, but don’t want to forgo modern medicine, this course will guide you to the best of both. Herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, dietary recommendations, meditation and mental techniques, supplements, drugs, and surgical interventions are all included in this course.

The remedies are not folklore, though some come from old wives. The method of preparations, the amount and frequency of the dose, possible side effects, and contraindications, including drugs interactions are clearly spelled out.

The first lesson familiarizes you with your healthy cervix, how it looks, and how it changes, both normally and when there is a problem. You will feel your cervix with your fingers, examine the fluids produced by your cervix, and even look at your own cervix.

You will learn to recognize healthy and unhealthy changes in the cervix and how to test at home for HPV infection. The first lesson also touches on Pap smears and includes general recommendations for keeping your cervix healthy.

The second lesson helps your understand and treat a variety of simple cervical problems including acute cervicitis, chronic cervicitis, cervical eversion , cervical erosion, cervical ulcers, cervical infections, and HPV infections with a variety of effective alternatives.

The third lesson focuses on Pap smears. It introduces the many safe alternative treatments for countering dysplasia as well as standard treatments and the complementary, integrative medicines that moderate side effects. This lesson includes three special sections: Preventing Cervical Cancer, DES Daughters, and Journey to the Wise Healer Within.

The fourth lesson looks at cervical cancer. Sound information coupled with sage advice helps you understand, reverse, and treat a variety of cervical cancers at different Stages with herbal, alternative, integrative, complementary, and standard medicines.

COURSE GOALS: This course is designed to empower you in regards to the health of your cervix. Through hands-on experiences, readings, and engagements with plants and other complementary remedies you will be able to maintain and regain a healthy cervix. You will come to understand your cervix better and be better able to respond to it if need be. You will also learn how to utilize a wide variety of complementary and integrative medicines.



~Menopausal Allies~
(description of online course with mentor Susun Weed )

Open registration - eight week online course, include three prerecorded teleseminars, pdf lessons and assignments, and personal mentorship from Susun Weed at WWU classroom forum.

This course will look at menopause as puberty prime, as a metamorphosis, and as the springboard for the last fifty years of our lives. You will mine gems of wisdom from how you dealt with your first puberty, recast your problems as allies during menopausal withdrawal, meltdown, and emergence, and learn how to use herbal allies to create yourself as wise old crone juicy, vital, vibrant, strong-boned, hale-hearted, and gleeful. You will look at the facts behind some of the prevalent myths of and learn which herbal allies are better choices. You will learn about herbal allies for menopause: herbs for dealing with fertility, mood and emotion, sex, hot flashes, sleepless nights, lack of libido, and your own personal problems. I invite you to join our circle, a menopausal moon lodge, as it were, of women honoring themselves and reweaving the healing cloak of the Ancients.

Course goals: The goal of this course is twofold: to introduce you to some herbal allies that I hope will become life-long friends, and to help you help yourself, or others, through the menopausal years. Along the way, I hope to dispel some myths of menopause and bring green blessings to your life. If you leave the course happier to be alive, more in awe of the green nations, and feeling more like the Goddess, then I will be truly joyous.



~Herbal First Aid: The Wise Woman Way~
(description of online course with mentor Susun Weed )

Open Enrollment - Eight week online course with Susun Weed includes: lessons and assignments in pdf, two pre-recorded teleseminars, and personal mentorship with Susun via online classroom. Plus a bonus gift from Susun to you: two full length audio lectures: "Herbs for Injuries" and "Using Herbs Simply and Safely" (value $32)

Most of us suffer small injuries fairly regularly: scrapes, cuts, burns, bruises, muscle aches and swelling, insect bites and stings, and itching. Antibiotic ointments can delay healing. Getting stitches is not always the best response, even to a large gash. Learn how to identify, prepare, and use the common, abundant plants that grow near at hand as spit-poultices, healing ointments/oils, tinctures, compresses, and baths to soothe, ease, and heal these injuries, including surgical wounds. Then extend your herbal first aid for everyday aches in the teeth, stomach, head, and uterus, even treat food poisoning.



~Nourishing Herbal Infusions~
(description of online course with mentor Susun Weed )

Explore the foundations of creating good health in the Wise Woman Tradition with herbalist and women's health expert Susun Weed.

This course covers some of the basic concepts of the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. Instead of spending money on supplements, learn about simple but powerful remedies that can be created from plants found outside your door. Build up your energy and create optimal health in a supportive, gentle and nourishing way.

In this course you will learn:

* How to make and use nourishing herbal infusions.

* About the healing properties of herbs used in the Wise Woman Tradition.

* Simple steps to increase your health and vitality.

* How to build a relationship with the plants and use them safely.

* How herbs and food can keep your bones healthy and your body flexible.

Summary of Lessons:
infusionsLesson 1:  Understand the difference between teas and infusions and why infusions are superior in their medicinal qualities. Step by step instructions on how to make nourishing herbal infusions and medicinal value of nourishing herbs.

Lesson 2:  Learn about various life-style choices that you can easily incorporate into your routine to increase your overall health and vitality.

Lesson 3:  Build a cooperative relationship with the plants you use. Study the difference between nourishing, tonifying, sedating/stimulating and toxic herbs.

Lesson 4:  Enjoy health and longevity with wise nutritional choices and regular use of nourishing herbal infusions and vinegars.





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