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Cooking for the Love of the World: Awakening our Spirituality through Cooking


Paperback by Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt.  201 pp.  A heart-centered, warmth-filled guide to the nurturing art of cooking.

"What has been lacking until the moment of this book is an entirely new way of understanding food and eating."--Robert Sardello, Author, Freeing the Soul from Fear, Love and the Soul and Facing the World with Soul.

"Cooking is always an activity of and about the soul, and food is profoundly mysterious. Our metallic culture likes to chase the mysteries and the spirits away, but Anne-Marie Fryer brings them back gently and wisely. This book is infinitely more significant than it looks. It could represent the cosmic shift in culture that we desperately need today. Read this book. Take it to heart. And live in a world brought to life in the simple sanctuary of your kitchen." -Thomas Moore, Author, Care of the Soul and Soul in Everyday Life.

"Anne-Marie Fryer has made an invaluable contribution to the growing movement to bring mindfulness into the art of making a home. By helping cultivate your awareness of the subtle forces present in food and ways to harmonize with them through cooking, this practical and profound book will not only benefit you and your family, but the entire planet." -Rahima Baldwin Dancy, Parenting Educator and Author of You Are Your Child's First Teacher.

"This is a friendly and poetic book. While the reasons given for food choices are based on the spiritual approach of Goethe and Steiner instead of on science, they do actually conform to the most up-to-date scientific nutrition. A pleasure to read - it sent me into the kitchen. The recipes are very nice too."-Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., CHES, Author, Food and Healing Founder, The Natural Gourmet Institute(NYC)

"Cooking delicious nourishing meals - with heart and soul - is easy, fast, and fun with this great guide. Everything you need to know is right here - along with exercises and experiences that will help you love cooking, love yourself, and love the earth." -Susun S. Weed, Author, Healing Wise

- Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt
- Cooking for the Love of Children, online course
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Price: $22.95

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