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Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition


This course helps you develop the skills you'll need to provide high quality well being and optimum healing options for yourself, your family, and your clients/friends. Your ability to use Wise Woman ways is supported, focused, and nurtured by a variety of projects and readings.

During your course of study you will:
      * Learn about the Scientific, Heroic, and Wise Woman traditions of healing.
      * Discover how to use each tradition to your best advantage.
      * Work intensively with the Six Steps of Healing.
      * Experience the healing power of doing nothing.
      * Gather resources to help you through any health crisis.
      * Learn non invasive methods of diagnosis.
      * Distinguish between nourishing, toning, and stimulating.
      * Begin to view your problems as allies of wholeness.
      * Gain confidence and competence in alternative medicines (even in serious situations).

    Your course materials include:
    * Twenty six study and action proposals which you implement and complete at your own pace (with optional written, illustrated, or oral reports to me).    
    * An autographed copy of Healing Wise.
    * One hundred dollars worth of my MP3s, CDs, or DVDs (see list).
    * A list of recommended books.
    * Three hours of "talk" time with me, on the phone, or by correspondence.
    * Initiation and completion gifts.
    * A yearly mailing, including a new Lunar Calendar, for two years.
    * A 50% discount on three days of classwork with me at the Wise Woman Center.  
    * One free year of Herbal Medicine Level mentorship at
Suggested class work for Spirit and Practice students  
You can graduate without taking any classes. It is an optional addition, not a requirement.

* Hands-on Herbal Medicine             
* Great Remedies
* Spring Tonics                
* Talking with Plants
* A Day Devoted to Trees             
* Magical Plants
* Herbal Medicine Chest            
* Happy Knees
* Green Witch Intensive: July                 
* Green Goddess Apprentice Week: August

Correspondence Course Refund and Exchange Policy: There is a $25 exchange fee if you decide to switch courses (60 day limit). There is a $50 cancellation fee - non negotiable. (30 day limit)

- Susun S Weed
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Price: $450.00

Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition
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