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She Walks With Snakes - Women's Sacred Chants CD


17 chants. Vocalists: Cherie Ackerson, Debra Lee Gertz, Lois Needham, Lisa Renaud, Carol Resnick, Radell Roberts, Marie Summerwood. Musicians: Lisa Davis, Suzanne Jerrett, Amy Jerrett.

This is a collection of chants Marie Summerwood has been writing since 1989. She has long wished to give some form to the music to share it with other women. So Cherie and I gathered a group of friends and we've been chanting together as IN HER NAME to record this CD.

We called upon our own passion to infuse this music with beauty. We chanted in sacred circle always. These chants were created to help Marie on her own journey, and to reclaim recognition of the inherent sacredness of women's powers of creation and nourishment, sexuality and old age.

This music is sacred to women. Use it in solitary work or in a circle of women. Use it to weave a container of sound for work together, and to create community as women gather all over the world to sing and open to our own power, our own beauty, our own wisdom.

- Marie Summerwood
- You may be interested in this classic book on women's spirituality: The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, Z Budapest
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Price: $15.00

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