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Creating a Moonlodge


Mentor: Astrid Grove

Learn the basics of inviting women, preparing a sacred space, priestessing ritual, and the specific elements and songs of Moonlodge ritual. Let’s journey together through time and gather ancient women’s wisdom.  We will support the paradigm shift into the present by honoring our cycles as women. We will learn the basics of inviting women, preparing a sacred space, priestessing ritual, and the specific elements and songs of Moonlodge ritual that I have developed over the past eleven years. My goal is to assist you in facilitating Moonlodge in your home communities. Open enrollment.

Astrid Grove - audio welcomeMP3 File

Lesson 1:  In this lesson we will review the ancient teachings of moonlodge while visioning the future of moonlodge as women in this modern world.  We will go on a journey into our wombspace and receive wisdom for ourselves and our community.

Lesson 2: In this lesson I will share the many ways in which I personally have explored inviting women to the circle. We will create an intention for our  individual community moonlodges and gather the information needed to create a successful circle.

Lesson 3: We will review how to effectively prepare a physical space for ritual.  We will discuss using herbs and crystals, setting intentions, creating alters, decorating the space and setting the mood. 

Lesson 4:  We will review the elements of ritual and what I have found to be the most effective layout for moonlodge ritual.  There is space for each of us to create the ritual that is most aligned with ourselves and our individual communities.


~ Course goals: To raise awareness in our home communities about the sanctity of a woman’s experience through offering  mooonlodge ritual.  After completion of this course, women will define their intentions for creating moonlodge and have the skills to call women to the circle, create sacred space, and priestess the ritual.

~ About the Mentor: Astrid Grove LM, CPM is a homebirth midwife, wise woman herbalist, and certified practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage (little R here, not sure how to do that???).  Her life’s passion is to create sacred space for healing to occur in on-on-one sessions and also with groups.  She travels extensively around the world sharing the teachings of the Wise Woman Way.   She currently resides in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.


The Wise Woman University (WWU) is a sacred distance learning environment for the reweaving of the healing cloak of the Ancients. WWU offers women dozens of online classes for personal empowerment the Wise Woman Way.

At the Wise Woman University you will find mentors with women-centered skills pleased to offer their wisdom to you in a format that is lively, interesting, and easily available.

WWU is an online non-accredited distance learning environment, offering courses for personal empowerment and wellbeing.

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