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A Healthy Heart, The Wise Woman Way - Unit Three


Heart disease kills. Are you at risk? Is your doctor suggesting drugs? Do you want to have a powerful, healthy heart and cardiovascular system without drugs? You can! It’s easy and fun.

Unit Three of A Healthy Heart the Wise Woman Way is a stand-alone course. You may take this course whether or not you have taken Unit One or Unit Two.

Unit Three looks at cholesterol, examining facts and myths about this important fat. Unit Three also looks into the connections between the lungs and the heart, and the kidneys and the heart. Unit Three concludes with a look at a few remedies that I don’t use heart health, including fish oil and foxglove.

You will learn about different types of fats produced by the body – such as LDL, HDL, and triglycerides – and how they relate to a healthy heart. You will learn which herbs and foods influence cholesterol levels. You will discover herbs that heal and help the lungs; and why this is critical to a healthy heart. You will see how heart health depends on strong kidneys and adrenals, and learn which herbs help nourish and rebuild these vital organs. You will learn about diabetes and heart health, discovering herbal allies for preventing and dealing with type-2 diabetes. And, you will learn about some herbs and supplements that are often recommended for heart health that I don’t use.

Unit Three consists of: Four lessons, three teleclasses (recorded for your convenience), assignments to further your learning, twelve herbal monographs to take you deeper into green blessings, three special supplements, and contact with Susun.

Unit Three: Cholesterol and Other Controversies

Unit 3, Lesson 1 * Understanding Cholesterol

What is cholesterol? Can it be healthy?

What are lipoproteins? What are triglycerides?

What fat is safe for the heart?

What are statins? Should you be concerned about your cholesterol levels?

Garlic, shiitake, hibiscus


Unit 3, Lesson 2: Cholesterol & You

Herbs, foods, and moves that lower cholesterol. 

Is there a natural way to lower cholesterol without changing my diet or my lifestyle?

Do I have to stop eating meat? What foods should I avoid?

Grapes, green tea, turmeric


Unit 3, Lesson 3: The Heart & the Lungs & the Kidneys

How is the health of the heart connected to the health of the lungs?

What herbs and foods are good for the lungs?

How is the health of the heart connected to the health of the kidneys?

What herbs and foods nourish the kidneys?

Nettle, mullein, thyme


Unit 3, Lesson 4: Diabetes & the Heart; Supplements and Herbs to Avoid

How is the health of the heart affected by diabetes?

Can herbs, foods, and lifestyle changes prevent or reverse type-2 diabetes?

Which heart-healthy supplements are best avoided?  Should I take fish oil?

Which heart-effective herbs are best avoided?  Should I take cayenne?

Cayenne, foxglove, lily of the valley


Includes monographs on these herbs and foods: cayenne, foxglove, garlic, grapes, green tea, hibiscus, lily of the valley, mullein, shiitake, stinging nettle, thyme, turmeric

Special Supplements to Unit 3: Stout-Hearted Soup, Cholesterol-Reducing Foods, Food Constituents That Lower Cholesterol

Course goals:

1.      You will learn safe and easy ways to lower cholesterol without statin drugs; and what else to take if you do take statins.

2.      You will be introduced to herbal allies for your lungs and kidneys that also help you have a healthy heart.

3.      You will learn ways to prevent diabetes and how to help your heart if you already have it.

4.      You will learn about supplements and herbs that may be dangerous to your heart.

5.      You will discover green blessings that can help you through the painful parts of life.

6.      You will be able to help yourself, and others, have a healthy heart, without drugs.

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