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Herbal Healing
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Goddess on Earth is a deeply moving book featuring the portraits and personal statements of over 70 women.
Price: $75.00
Open registration - Start Anytime
This class will benefit herbal practitioners at any level, and individuals who want to understand the vital role of Kidney Essence and how to achieve optimum health and longevity.

The first and most essential of the Five Elements is Water. The Water Element emotion is Fear and like the kidneys, fear is deeply rooted. We are not even consciously aware sometimes of major areas of fear and insecurity and how this might be affecting our kidneys, or how in turn deficient kidneys feed the emotion of fear.
Price: $75.00
Whether you are the mother or the daughter, your bond with one another is typically complex. This course is for those who desire to recompose the emotional/metaphysical field that defines that bond. Even if your mother/daughter is not physically a part of your life or has passed away, your bond remains energetically/psychologically at play.
Price: $75.00
This class will benefit herbal and alternative medicine practitioners at any level, and individuals who want to heal and understand their digestive system for optimum health and longevity. This class draws on the wisdom of Chinese Five Element Theory to explain the main functions of the spleen, pancreas and stomach and their relationship to the Earth Element. The Earth Element embodies divine nourishment and abundance and has the power to absorb and transform on both the physical and mental level.Open Enrollment - Start Anytime
Price: $75.00
​October 27, 2019: Hands On: Cold & Flu Remedies with Susun Weed

Here come colds, the flu, coughs, congestion, sore throats, and all the ways that winter can whomp you. Whomp back with simple, safe, effective herbs.
Price: $75.00
October 26, 2019: Digging Roots: Hands-on Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed

Come get your hands dirty as we dig burdock, yellow dock, teasel, dandelion, and/or chicory and make herbal medicines. We will create tinctures and vinegars, dry and infuse roots. We will find ourselves deeply grounded and loving the Earth.
Price: $75.00
September 29, 2019: Magical Plants: Hands-on Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed

Some herbs are medicine, and some are food. And some change our minds. Throughout the world, magical and mind-altering plants are the first plants studied by those who wish to be healers and helpers. This is one of the hidden secrets of Western herbalism.
Price: $75.00
August 11, 2019: Holy Ferment: Hand-on Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed

Before there were tinctures, there were herbal wines and beers. Before there were refrigerators, there were lacto-fermented foods of all kinds: pickles, miso, kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and more. Join me in celebrating the old ways and learning how easy and satisfying it is to make your own.
Price: $75.00
August 10, 2019: More Great Remedies with Susun Weed

Which of the great remedies will we play with today? Nettle, motherwort, red clover, yarrow, burdock, comfrey, plantain, linden, St. Joan’s wort, and so many more want our attention.
Price: $75.00
June 23, 2019: Tree Medicines in Your Hands

I love trees. Don’t you? Wander with me in the forest, learning from and about the Standing People, the trees, and their allies, the mushrooms and their mycelia. Oak, ash, linden, birch, willow, maple, beech . . . Who will we meet? What will we discover?
Price: $75.00
June 22, 2019: The Great Remedies: Hands-On Herbal Medicine

Right now is the time to harvest the great remedies, the ones I rely on routinely, year after year, the mainstay allies, the ones who do so much. Roll up your sleeves, grab your basket, put on your sunhat and find your scissors, it’s time to harvest and dry herbs for teas and infusions.
Price: $75.00
May 19, 2019: Hands-on Medicine: Herbal First Aid with Susun Weed

Hands-On Herbal Medicine: What do you do when you, or the ones you love, get cut, burned, scraped, stung, bitten, or bruised? How do you handle rashes, poison ivy, tick bites, snake bites and other nasties? Herbal first aid is immediate, effective, right at hand, and a great way to jump into herbal medicine.
Price: $75.00
April 27, 2019: Hands On: Spring Tonics. Join Susun for a wild ramble as we encounter and learn how to use the special green allies of spring.
Price: $75.00
April 28, 2019: Woodland Wonders. Join Susun for a wild ramble as we encounter and learn about ramps, brassicas, dwarf ginseng and rare spring flowers.
Price: $75.00
May 18, 2019: Plant Spirit Medicine with Susun Weed

Learn from the fairies, devas and plant spirits.
Price: $75.00

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